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Our Story

Dressed with Hope


                Evans founded Alive at Last in 2014 for the purpose of helping victims of trafficking in their healing journey. Sadly Alisa Evans was diagnosed with cancer in 2020 and passed away later that year.

Tiffani          Price is a trafficking survivor and now runs GloryB an organization with the goal of helping those suffering from acute trauma caused by trafficking and ritual abuse (SRA).


The name                         was inspired by these two amazing women,  Alisa Evans and Tiffani Joy Price.

Alisa Joy

Alisa Joy Foundation was founded as a nonprofit organization with the mission of reaching out to those being trafficked, educating people about the trafficking issue, and last to help with funding for both Alive at Last (which continues to thrive under the direction of current Executive Director, Gwen Miller) and GloryB through profits generated by Alisa Joy Bridal Boutique.

Alisa Joy Bridal Boutique sells wedding dresses donated by for-profit bridal boutiques across the country at 50% - 80% off. The boutique operates by appointment only and is run entirely by volunteers. One hundred percent of the profits from the boutique will go toward funding Alive at Last and GloryB.

Thank you so much for your support!

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